800px-Psp slim & lite

Redesign Edit

The PSP 2000 is 33% lighter and 19% slimmer the PSP 1000. Due to this, the battery was slimmed down and the amount of power in the battery was halved. The PSP 2000 was then made to use the power more efficently. It is also compatible with the batery from the PSP 1000.

New FeaturesEdit

The PSP 2000 is compatible with Skype, unlike the PSP 1000 which could not use Skype due to memory limitations. It has a wider theme color selection than the PSP 1000. It can connect to a progressive scan television using the connected display settings.

Internet BrowserEdit

The Internet Browser is slightly faster on the PSP 2000 rather than the 1000, as the PSP 2000's memory was increased from 32MB to 64MB, although despite this, the browser is still crashes and freezes as much as it did on the 1000, and is still incompatible with most websites.

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