Download this file ( after downloading copy popsloader folder in seplugins (if you don't have it just copy seplugins folder which popsloader is in) copy popsloader.prx and then go into pops.txt and copy ms0:/seplugins/popsloader.prx 1 into your pops.txt if you have it.

Enter the recovery mode of your PSP psp 1000 , psp 2000 m33

To access recovery mode follow the following steps :-

1. Completely shut down your PSP (Not stand-by)

2. Hold the "R" button (i.e right trigger) while starting your PSP

3. Then go to "Plugins" and then enable "popsloader.prx [POPS]"[1]

GEN-A 5.03

To access recovery mode follow the following steps :- select

2. go down to recovery menu and press x

3. go to cpu speed and make sure that popsloader is there and enabled

If you're running a PSX game for the first time while using this plugin, then a menu should appear from which you'll have to choose a firmware

If you want to use your current firmware pops, then choose "Original from flash" option.

You can change the pops version anytime by holding the "R" button (Right trigger) while starting the PSX game.